Author. Warrior-poet. Human... maybe.

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about ejSchimel

A philosophy graduate of Boston University, Eric has written plays and poetry since ‘95. Living mostly in Austin, TX, his work has been nominated for a B. Iden Payne Award, and he won a critic’s choice award at Fronterra Fest. Eric started writing novels in 2018, and began attending seminars and studying writing not too long after that. He’s a lifetime dilettante of various martial arts, but with a sense of humor about it. Professionally Eric teaches Pilates, and then writes most days after that.

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The Poor Trait of Durian Grey:
Brown Santa, Book One of Three

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Durian Grey may be the world toughest Pilates teacher, but that doesn’t always pay the bills. However, his size and a lifetime of Kali allow him to moonlight as a bodyguard.After a morning of unusual training techniques and dealing with his giant dog, Durian heads to work in the form of going out drinking with his strangest client.We get to see how Durian fights, and why. Violence is always predictable, but what happens at the bar that night challenges Durian’s thinking skills as much as his fighting abilities. And he leaves the encounter with a valuable lesson, at a more than reasonable price.Then Durian claims to have figured out a secret. One so valuable that it gets him an interview for the job he’s always wanted. He gets the job, but winds up having to fight for his life to keep it!


Ask me about writing, fighting, Pilates, myself or let me know who you are. I respond to every message personally and look forward to knowing you!



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MEG PUPPY is the first of three new novels featuring a rapidly developing young Megalodon with a strange but growing connection to a stagnant man-child. The books all feature more nuanced and relevant marine science than the genre usually offers. That’s what we do, here.Please sign up for our newsletter...
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Praise for MEG PUPPY:

Adam Marcus-"Schimel mixes junk science and legitimate speculation to create a monster that feels authentic and provide a genuine thrill ride. Unlike most fish tales, we actually get to see into the shark’s mind as it evolves. Vivid and compelling, Schimel has created a post-modern Sea Monster. So good! Can't wait to read the sequel".
- Adam Marcus (writer/director Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to Hell, Texas Chainsaw, Secret Santa)

Craig Ferreira-“So many shark books have been written, however, it's really the same story over and over. A giant shark feasting on humans. This book takes on a different tack. It's not your average shark book. I found the alternative concept rather interesting and I am sure you will too.”
-Craig Ferreira. Author of “Great White Sharks on their Best Behavior”, “The Submarine”, “The Shark” “Vatican Blood”. 1990-95 Operations director of the White Shark Research Project at the Museum of Natural History in South Africa, 1995-2007 Director, South African White Shark Research Institute.